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Order artifacts by name (1)
Pipeline Concurrency Limit (2)
Customise pipelines dashboard to match many tags/branches (1)
Builds directory for an agent should have just one checkout per repository (6)
Automatic PR comment (1)
Shallow clones? (1)
Parallel job counts (1)
Retry all failed (1)
View-only User Role (1)
GitHub Pull Request filtering based on target branch (1)
Team filtering for cc-menu integration (1)
Allow to select multiple options in select input (1)
Metadata UI within pipeline steps (1)
Input Field Validation Patterns in Block Steps (1)
Spin-up ESXi VMs with Buildkite (6)
Force 2FA for user in an organization (2)
Ability to skip and set meta-data when using Schedule Builds and Block Steps (1)
Slack integration for agents status/change (1)
Slack user notification (1)
Multiple agent tokens per org (with agent queue restrictions) (5)
Restricting access to agents (4)
Allow concurrency groups for synchronous trigger steps (1)
Directory Structure View for artifcats (1)
Timeout waiting for agent (1)
Plugin in a step to imply agent queue (3)
Declare dependencies between jobs (6)
Allow triggered child build to inherit PR-related env vars from parent build (2)
IFTTT Integration (3)
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