About our Datadog Integration


We’re working on integration with Datadog! Here you can chat about the beta, ask questions, or submit bug reports.

We’ve added integration in Agent version 3.7.0 and later at https://github.com/buildkite/agent/releases.

To enable sending metrics from the Agent, you can use the new metrics-datadog=true|false config to enable it at which point it will send metrics to an instance of DataDogD on localhost. You can change the location with metrics-datadog-host.

The metrics we presently support are:

  • TIMING buildkite.jobs.duration.success [agent_name, org, pipeline, branch, exit_code]
  • TIMING buildkite.jobs.duration.failure [agent_name, org, pipeline, branch, exit_code]
  • COUNT buildkite.jobs.success [agent_name, org, pipeline, branch, exit_code]
  • COUNT buildkite.jobs.failure [agent_name, org, pipeline, branch, exit_code]

Let us know what you’d like to see!


This will probably require the official integration (for a service check) but one thing that would be nice is a service check for if the agent is up. I’ve seen some agent discussion around health checks that ultimately never made it in. But it would at least be nice to be able to alert on whether an agent went offline for a period of time.