Async trigger step dependencies

I have an async trigger step – I want to create an command step that depends_on the async trigger step. Is this possible? I don’t want these two steps to block the rest of the pipeline if the next step is unblocked.

I can’t tell from the documentation if this is possible. And from experimenting, it doesn’t look like it is.

Good question! :slight_smile:

You can’t use an async trigger step as a dependency. The use-case for an async trigger step is when the parent build does not care about the outcome of the triggered build; by design, async trigger steps return success as long as the triggered build starts (regardless of whether the build result is successful or not).

The docs have some info on the async trigger step here:


async: If set to true, the step will immediately continue, regardless of the success of the triggered build. If set to false,the step will wait for the triggered build to complete and continue only if the triggered build passed. Default value: false.`

You could use a standard trigger step, but it will block until it’s completed, so probably not what you want here.

The alternative solution would be to re-assess where the dependencies live and either move the dependent step down to the triggered or up into the parent pipeline.

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Hi! How then can I have two steps both trigger asynchronously but have one depend on the other. E.g. I want these two steps to optionally be async (but trigger only one after another).