Better Job Display UI for DAG


We’re using the DAG which is awesome. It would be cool, tho, if the job list at the top displayed in a way that made sense with a DAG. Declare dependencies between jobs had a similar thing, and CircleCI also has a similar thing.

(Both images taken from the other feature request)

Failing that, could you attach job info to the HTML and I’ll add a user script that organises jobs correctly? :joy:

@deecewan Yep, we’re aware that the UX here is completely lacking — the intention of the current iteration of the DAG is to try and explore the actual mechanics of how it should function before we try and get too deep in the weeds on how to draw or visualise it. While we want to get the implementation proven, solid and battle tested before diving into UI land, trust me there has been a bunch of thinking and planning around the UI experience we’d like to offer here, and once we’re confident in the mechanics you can expect that the build-page UI will be a focus for us.