Feature request: trigger filter for BUILDKITE_MESSAGE text

There is currently a way to trigger based on filtering the branch name, it would be handy to trigger based on the commit message text (BUILDKITE_MESSAGE) as well.

I was working on an automated VERSION file update step, which works great…except that when BK does the git push, that triggers another build…which updates the VERSION file again, lather, rinse repeat. One way to get around that would be to have the commit message contain the string ‘NOTRIGGER’ or something, and then use that keyword to avoid triggering a new build.

@patmantru :wave: would something like this work? https://buildkite.com/docs/pipelines/conditionals

Perhaps this:

  - trigger: "..."
    if: "build.message !~ /NOTRIGGER/"

Hmm…possibly, will give that a shot!