Getting started with Public Builds


Hey there! :wave:t3: Thanks for your interest Buildkite public builds — we’re super excited about it, and about getting more Buildkite powered public builds out into the world!

Currently public builds are in a private beta phase while we keep improving the experience, and work to iron out any issues. We’re also super keen to ensure that we have plenty of opportunity to gather and incorporate feedback along the way!

Until we roll public builds out for everyone we’ll be manually flipping it on for accounts as required. If you’re reading this and are interested in trying out Public Builds please reach out to or here so we can rectify this ASAP! :slightly_smiling_face:

This release of public builds is focused on providing read-only public/anonymous access on a per-pipeline basis. Pipelines are publicised individually from the pipeline settings screen, and will currently allow anonymous access to;

  • Pipeline build pages
  • Pipeline build logs
  • Pipeline build artefacts
  • Pipeline build environment config
  • Agent version and name

:round_pushpin:Public Builds Beta FAQ

What happens when a pipeline is made public?
All pipeline builds, build logs, environment variables, as well as any build artifacts will be publicly visible by anyone — this applies to both new and historical builds!

If your pipeline has historical builds, you should verify that the past builds do not expose sensitive information in their logs or environment variables.

Can public pipelines test third-party code and contributions?
Providing the infrastructure to properly secure builds containing third-party code is something we’re still actively working on, but is not the focus of this beta. Public pipeline builds still run on your existing agents and infrastructure you control so please keep this in mind.

Can a public pipeline be made private again?
Yes, absolutely! Public pipelines can be made private again at any time on this screen.