Hiding private information from Environment tab

I’ve just set up a public build, and after looking through what info is made public, I noticed certain fields like BUILDKITE_BUILD_CREATOR_EMAIL and BUILDKITE_BUILD_CREATOR_TEAMS which leak otherwise private information.
Email addresses show up even when commits are done as user@users.noreply.github.com, and private team names are shown, which can leak things like the existence of unannounced products.
BUILDKITE_AGENT_META_DATA_* can also potentially leak configuration used for other private pipelines.

If would be nice if these fields could be hidden somehow, either by filtering the environment or just disabling the tab on public builds.

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Hey @xthexder, that’s a good call, thanks for pointing this out. Public pipelines are still pretty new to us, I’ll pass this on to the team and we’ll take a look into it.