Input step label seems to be ignored

I’ve been putting the new depends_on stuff through its paces and it’s allowed some cool improvements. One thing I’ve run into though is when switching a block step into a new input step, the step label seems to be ignored and it just defaults to “Continue”. The docs definitely use step labels so I assume it’s meant to work.

I’m talking about the text after - input: here:

Mine is something like:

  - input: ":construction: Build"
    key: build
    if: "build.tag == null"

But shows up like:


Instead of:


(same everywhere else in the UI including the modal title, just using the bar thing as a compact screenshot)

Otherwise it’s working great, so I can live with this for a little while. :slight_smile:

@DuBistKomisch :wave: Yup, that’s a bug!

Fix will be out in about 30 minutes.

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Yep it’s working now, thanks!

Rad, thanks for letting us know @DuBistKomisch!