Use a period to separate IP address blocks and make the IP address selectable

We have instances that regularly fail at the “Stopping all running containers on the system…” step in our build process.

The only resolution to this problem is to manually locate the EC2 buildkite instance and terminate it.

This is unnecessarily difficult because the IP address of the machine running the build uses dashes between IP address blocks and the text is unselectable. This means the dashes have to be converted to periods to search running EC2 instances AND I have to right click -> Inspect Element -> copy the IP there.

Two very small UI changes would go a long way towards making this easier.

Hi there!

The string you’ve highlighted there is the hostname for the agent, and that looks like a default hostname for an EC2 instance.

If you’d like the IP for that agent, click the “Timeline” tab on your job:

Then follow the agent link to the agent page:

where you can grab the IP address. :slight_smile: