Ability to have downstream steps trigger again on the successful retry of an upstream step


We often have to retry upstream steps due to flakey agents, or other intermittent failures. However retrying a step and having it succeed doesn’t result in downstream steps running again with the new success artifacts.

Being able to specify in a step that I want it to re-run on upstream retries would be a huge win for us!

Thank you.

Hi @churchmf!

If you have a dependency or wait step, that is not continue-on-failure, so the downstream step didn’t run at all when the upstream failed, then a retry of the upstream would be sufficient to unblock and then run the downstream.

The specific concept of “retry this step if the depended-upon step is retried” it’s not something possible at the moment, but it sounds like a nice feature request. I’m going to pass your comments to our Product team to analyze.