Add an option not to truncate labels

Hi, thanks for Buildkite, it’s a fantastic CI system.

We have fairly long labels on many of our jobs, and would prefer to see longer labels at the expense of a less compact layout (or, even better, a more responsive layout such that, as you make the browser window wider, the layout is fixed but the labels expand to fit).

I’ve searched for a UI setting to disable label truncation, but can’t find one. Assuming I’m not missing something, I’d like to make a request to add this feature.

Hi @dhess

First of all welcome to Buildkite community and thanks for reaching out to us with your question.

Yes, there is no UI setting for label truncation. Please can you share how long are your labels in your jobs ? Also just to let you know you can actually see the full label from the environment tab of the step

Hi @suma.

The lengths vary quite a bit. Just as an example, the longest label in the job I’m looking at right now is check-hls-git-db7f96f43978a46e86df554b6d0f469587e31f32.

Also, to clarify, I’m talking about the labels being truncated in the summary view at the top of the build status page, not elsewhere on the page.

Hi @dhess Thank you for the details

Here is a screenshot where if you actually hover over that step where label is truncated it will show you full label and also if you click on the truncated label it will take you to the specific step where you can see full label as well

Hopefully this should help with your need.

Yes, thank you, I’m aware that I can see the full label when I hover. I’m requesting that it be possible to see the full label without the need to hover.