Add Custom Graphs

The list of pipelines has graphs for “history build times” for each (minute granularity). It’d be great for BK licensees to be able to configure pipelines that made their own datapoints for BK to accumulate and plot into a graph.

The most obvious one is code coverage. From that page, I may want to see how that is trending over time. Indeed, for a multi-module recursive build, I may want to see one line (diff color) per module.

I’m sure there’s many more things that could be plotted over time, beyond code coverage.

Of course I can sign up to a bunch of other services through and sign up for more per-user-per-month services, but I really want to expand metrics inside BK and not have to duplicate part of that to get extra data points.

Hi @paul_h you’re right, this is totally a cool idea and in fact something we were envisioning when we put that part of the page together, but we haven’t got anything to share on it just yet!