Pipeline Dashboard Exporting (csv or similar)

It would be very useful for folks with hundreds of pipelines to have exporting capabilities on the Pipeline Dashboard ( buildkite.com/:org ).

  • Dashboard data export (csv or similar).
  • Load all pipelines button (vs. “Show more pipelines”).

Thanks for the suggestion!

What would you like to achieve with this, what do you hope is in the CSV? Could it be achieved by running a GraphQL query?


This could be achieved by running a GraphQL query and doing a small amount of munging to CSV.

This is heavily related to Pipeline Dashboard Sorting (reliability, speed, builds/week).

It could be an alternative allowing CSV > Spreadsheet > PivotTable/Graphs.

The intent is to review/analyze across pipelines: teams, services, and patterns. What <teams/services> are doing well? What <teams/services> need some assistance? Where are we trending in an expected/unexpected manner (if the case)?

Without sorting today (or data exporting) - it is a lot of clicking or JSON > Data Munging > Spreadsheet > PivotTable/Graphs to answers these questions.

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This sounds great, and is exactly the sort of insight we’re trying to understand how to offer. It mostly requires understand what questions you want to ask of the data, and how. Or providing a full on observability style slice-and-dice interface, but that’s probably beyond reach for the moment.

The best way to do this today would be to craft a graphql query which returns specifically what you want based on which questions you’re trying to answer. You can then automate how that is gathered through the graphql api and ingest it into whatever tool makes that data useful however you’d like. We’ve talked about easing this by offering graphql documents or snippets, but don’t have anything available yet.

Again, I’ll make sure all of this feedback is seen, it’s great thank you. :-)

That makes sense to me and isn’t unreasonable.

Thank you-