Agent v3.67.0 refusing to start because of a new configuration error

Testing Agent v3.67.0 and my instances are failing to start with:

fatal: cancel-grace-period (5) must be greater than signal-grace-period-seconds (9)

We set cancel-grace-period and always have but have never touched signal-grace-period-seconds in the config.

I don’t see any mention of a config-file signal-grace-period-settings setting in the documentation. The command line option doc says it defaults to 0 if omitted and it is omitted in my case.

Was there a new default of 9 seconds set for this value in v3.67.0? Intentional? Accidental?

I do not have a similar issue with v3.66.0.

Also: would you prefer these sorts of reports get posted as github issues instead of here in the forum?

Hi @ian-persona!

You are correct and we did change the default value of signal-grace-period-seconds to 9 seconds; you can read more about this change and why was introduced in Extend default signal grace period to 9 seconds by triarius · Pull Request #2696 · buildkite/agent · GitHub

You can raise an issue to the github repo to get more info and provide feedback, and the maintainers will get back to you there :slight_smile:

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Thanks @paula – I’ll just revert to the default for cancel-grace-period, I think. Our change doesn’t really net us a ton of extra expediency here.