Automatically cancel old blocked builds


Is it possible to automatically cancel the old builds that are waiting on the blocked step to avoid people accidentally unblocking old blocked builds? A use case could be someone unblocked an old blocked build that deploys an old version of the service to the production environment.

I know there is a “Skipping Builds” feature where we can cancel running intermediate builds but I want to cancel the build only during the cases when a newer execution of the pipeline is ahead of the older executions. This can happen when there are “block” steps in the pipeline.

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Hi :wave:!

This functionality doesn’t exist at the moment. As a workaround, you can do this sort of check in the step following the block. Such as checking git if there are newer commits or querying some external versioning controller.


Thanks. I thought about this workaround. But I was wondering if I’ll get something for free via some setting or configuration :smile:

Thanks for your help.