Block step form defaults no longer working?

I noticed recently that the default form selections on our block step forms seem to have disappeared, but we didn’t make any changes to the steps yaml which influences this, from what I can tell.

I think this has been the case for a week or two.

Any ideas why this might be?

Our block steps look like this:

  - block: Configure things
    prompt: Fill out the things
      - select: Thing
        default: "one"
        hint: Which thing do you want?
        key: thing
        required: false
          - label: None
            value: ""
          - label: "one"
            value: "one"
          - label: "two"
            value: "two"

The value of “one” used to be selected by default, but now it is always “”


Hi @carl, sorry about that one, I’ve just managed to reproduce this and found a fix. It should head out early next week!

This should be all fixed now @carl, thanks for your patience!

That’s great, thanks for resolving quickly