BUILDKITE_MESSAGE not expected value

I am trying to skip the build for a given commit and [skip ci] is not working. So I thought I’d just add a conditional build check but come to find out there is no variable nor environment variable assigned for this value.

The BUILDKITE_MESSAGE was my best hope but for some reason this is the pull request title always and never (not usually) the commit message. Not sure what the use case is for a variable that is usually something…

Is there some other variable to use that is dedicated to be the commit message value?

Hey @nickofthyme!

Hmm, that’s rare! The [skip ci] should be part of the commit message. We don’t have an env var for this property.
If you like you can send an email to with the details of the builds that were triggered even though you had [skip ci]( set.



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Will do thanks!