BUILDKITE_SOURCE env var not supported

The following error is a result of BUILDKITE_SOURCE being present in one of my pipeline steps

422 One of the steps you provided was invalid: Error parsing `if` expression: "BUILDKITE_SOURCE" is currently not supported. Please contact if you need this added.

in my pipeline.yml

- label: ":cypress: Run Cypress Suite on Staging or Pre-Prod"
    if: build.env("PARALLEL") == "true" || build.env("BUILDKITE_SOURCE") == "webhook"

Strange error considering the fact that this environment variable is present on each build - any suggestions?

I found the answer to this in the docs here Using conditionals | Buildkite Documentation - looks like I just need to use buid.source instead

Hello, @kelokekpe! Welcome to the community! I’m happy that the Buildkite Docs had a solution for you. If you have any further questions - don’t hesitate to ask them on the Forum.