Can you trigger a build if that child pipeline has an input step?

The child pipeline

  - input: "Who is running this script?"
      - text: "Your name"
        key: "name"
  - label: "Run script"

Hi @Joe

Yes, we can trigger a pipeline which has input step. I tested this and it works. Child pipeline step will wait for your input before proceeding to next steps in the child pipeline as expected.

How or can you even pass a value to a input step via trigger?

You aren’t able to pass a value to an input step through a trigger step. You can do it from the API though: Jobs API | Buildkite Documentation

So you can still trigger a pipeline that has an input step, but that build would be waiting for the input step and won’t proceed past it until it is given a value via API or in the web UI.

But you can trigger builds with async: true if that might fit your needs: Trigger Step | Buildkite Documentation