Choose a more unique log-group pattern

The --- and +++ patterns to manage log groups are quite common prefixes for build output

  • FastBuild emits ---------------------------------------------------- before/after stages (
  • diff emits --- and +++ - we use this to prove that generated code that we need to nonetheless source control is up to date

It’s not rare.

Would it be possible to get these patterns ( changed so that something more unique and uncolliding is the One True Way to divide up logs?

e.g. bk--- etc would do it just fine, I think.

Thanks @petemounce! Yeah, there’s a number of tools (you can add Golang to the list) where the output collides with what we’ve chosen as the Buildkite grouping output. We’ll continue to look at some alternative ideas there… your bk--- suggestion is good!

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FYI Travis CI uses a longer string with ANSI escape codes, and lets you mark the begin and end (which allows for nested groups):

We got around this by putting a zero-space character in front of +++ and ---.

Would you mind sharing how?

Sure thing. Just google for “zero width space” and you’ll get:

When you make your string, instead of "+++", do "\u200B+++".