Clicking step from builds page doesn't work

Noticed a bit of a bug with the recent release:

If you visit your my builds page:, you can no longer click on an individual step.

Hi @navitronic,

I am not sure if I get exactly where the steps are no longer clickable. When you go to the builds page, and select a build, the steps would be clickable at that point. Would you be able to provide a screen shot where you encountered this issue?


@lizette in the past, you wouldn’t need to select a build to click through to the step, you could click the step (eg, where the arrow is pointed) and end up in the right place, straight from the builds page.

The steps are linked to the correct place, but clicking them seems to have no effect now.

Hi @navitronic,

I get what you mean now and thanks for pointing this out. I will raise this UI bug to our engineering team.


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Hi @navitronic,

I’m an engineer on the Pipelines team. Thanks for raising this bug. I’ll work on a fix and let you know once it’s shipped.

Cheers :blush:

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Hi @navitronic. Thanks again for catching this. It should now be fixed :tada:

Thanks @angus, can confirm this is fixed in the places I was experiencing it.

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