Company-Wide Environment Variables


Congratz for this amazing tool! :smiley: Really enjoying!
Well, there is a good function on GITLAB that I use is a company-wide Environment Variables. Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, but, all my services share several variables for my CI/CD routines and I have to copy&paste all of them on each service.

Another good thing on Gitlab is restrictions, some users can’t see these variables. So secure them will be good too.

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Heya mate, if you are using the elastic-ci-stack-for-aws, you could take a look at the, in which you could do arbitrary things on the agent, including inserting global envvars.

Hey Rodrigo and welcome!

As an extension to what @xiaket suggested, you could use the Environment hook on the agent for just this kind of thing

hmm! Thank you mates! :partying_face:
I got it. Sorry for not reading the entire docs… =/

I will implement an Environment hook on my agents then.

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