Conditionally disallow manual retry

Hi guys!
I need to conditionally disallow manual retry of step depending on it’s exit status. I see exit_status option for automatic retry, but there is no such condition for manual retry.
I also see if condition, but it can’t be used for retry options.

Is there an option which will allow me to make such retry condition?


Hello @rado!

Hope you’re well, welcome to the Buildkite forum and hope the Holiday season has been great! :wave:

On the latter part of your question - conditionals using if is geared moreso around allowing steps/jobs to run based on build/pipeline variables (for example, only running a specific step based on branch, source etc).

At the moment, the manual retry attributes are focused around the static disabling of jobs with a reason/permitting clickable retries on a passing outcome. It does sound like a nifty feature to have: assuming you’d envision that a feature like it would work in a similar way to the aforementioned automatic attributes?

technically it would work if we have settings same as automatic, e.g. exit_status + limit set to 0 to disallow manual rebuilds (or allowed attribute set to false). But if for automatic it means that rebuild will be done X times and for manual it means that rebuild can be done X times.

What do you think?

Hello, Rado!
That really sounds like a useful feature to have. I’ll bring it to the attention of our product team. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @rado I am from the product team. Thanks for raising this item with us. So is your goal to stop allowing retries if a certain exit status is set? Is the goal to stop retries regardless of them being automatic or manual?

Hi @Ozdenyilmaz
Exactly, stop allowing retries based on status, regardless manual or automatic.