Customise pipelines dashboard to match many tags/branches


I would like to suggest broadening the capability of this GitHub pipeline settings to accept a match condition:

My goal is to allow the pipelines page to show a summary of build status for a range of branches/tags. I can update it for my very specific GitHub release/tag at the moment, but have to change it each time:

If we could set the value to “v*”, just like we can in the branch limiting setting, it would be very cool!


We just talked about this the other day, 100% agree! Thanks for the suggestions.

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@lox how are you travelling with this?

@mcrawshaw :wave: howdy! I think we may have something that’ll help you here.

While you can’t type v* yet, you can just clear that entire field and all branches and tags will show up.

Perhaps that’ll be a decent stop gap solution until we have improved tooling there?

@keithpitt That works for me, thanks!

We’ve now announced this properly here too: