Display step configuration in timeline for the step

You can view the “pipeline” that was uploaded in a step that executes buildkite-agent pipeline upload. This is awesome when I just want to see what was rendered via environment variables or otherwise. But sometimes, it can be difficult to track back “what step uploaded the pipeline for this job”.

That entire question can be subverted if on a step itself I could view the configuration of what had triggered the step. For example, if, on a Build’s Step, I could hit Timeline and just view the JSON/YAML as had been uploaded to Buildkite to cause that step to be in the pipeline. It would even be useful if it wasn’t exactly what was uploaded (i.e. scrubbing comments, reordering keys), just effectively what Buildkite sees.

hi @amukherjee ,

Currently this is not possible. The closest information you can find about the steps are in the environment variables like BUILDKITE_COMMAND. Otherwise, you can directly cross-reference to the GitHub project’s pipelines YAML file to view the step details.

Hey! Got that, I guess I was hoping to lodge a feature request for this. Unless you’re saying the step cannot be re-serialized for the UI from the backend. In which case, 'kay, nevermind :smile:

Hi @amukherjee,

Thanks for this feedback! I’ll forward your input to our Product Manager to analyse this as a possible feature request.

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