Docker Compose Cache Issue

Hello There, i’m facing another issue with docker-compose using cached images.


Following up on the previously reported issue, we are still experiencing problems with Docker image tagging and pushing in our Buildkite pipeline. The error persists when trying to tag and push images to Docker Hub, particularly with our multi-architecture setup (x86 and arm64).

Error Message

[2023-12-21T06:46:07Z] $ docker tag buildkite018c8b1e0f8c4010810dd67ea35fab8d_tryoutlab_workspace tryoutlab_workspace:dockerhub/tryoutlab:tryoutlab-workspace-latest
[2023-12-21T06:46:07Z] Error response from daemon: No such image: buildkite018c8b1e0f8c4010810dd67ea35fab8d_tryoutlab_workspace:latest
[2023-12-21T06:46:07Z] 🚨 Error: The command exited with status 1

Updated pipeline.yaml

# Buildkite Pipeline Configuration for tryoutlab
  DRY_RUN: false

 - docker_workspace: &run_docker_workspace
      run: tryoutlab_workspace
      config: .buildkite/docker-compose.yaml
      workdir: /workspace
      image-name: tryoutlab-build-${BUILDKITE_BRANCH}
      image-repository: dockerhub/tryoutlab
        - tryoutlab_workspace:dockerhub/tryoutlab:tryoutlab-workspace-latest
        - tryoutlab_workspace:dockerhub/tryoutlab:tryoutlab-workspace-${BUILDKITE_BRANCH}

  - label: ":sweating: Random Check ✨"
    command: .buildkite/steps/
    plugins: *docker_workspace

  - label: ":broom: Cleanup: Push :buildkite: Cache Images to :docker: Hub"
      - docker-compose#v4.16.0:
          config: .buildkite/docker-compose.yaml
          - tryoutlab_workspace:dockerhub/tryoutlab:tryoutlab-workspace-latest
          - tryoutlab_workspace:dockerhub/tryoutlab:tryoutlab-workspace-${BUILDKITE_BRANCH}

Further Assistance Needed

  • Issue with Renaming: It appears that the Docker image has been renamed, and the system is attempting to push the image before this renaming takes place, resulting in the latest version not being pushed.
  • Suggestions for Managing the Default :latesttag Is there a way to ignore the default :latest tag? According to the documentation, it is set by default.

Looking forward to any further advice or solutions to this persisting issue.

Hey! So it looks like we are missing some information :thinking:. Can you show us that the image was built? It doesn’t seem to be an issue with cache-from
If you can share some build links examples, it would be better so we can have a deep look :slight_smile: You can send them to