Docker images pulled during bootstrap missing

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Trying to pull a docker image during the bootstrap script during initialization. I can in the elastic-stack.txt logs that were are successfully pulling the image and a subsequent docker images confirms the image exists, but after initialization is complete, the image no longer appears to exist. Any ideas?

I noticed there is some cron jobs that prunes and none of their logs seem to indicate they’re removing logs nor can I find any other traces in other misc logs.

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Hi @jl-applied,

That’s an interesting question. It sounds like perhaps some commands might be running on agents that don’t have access to the images? It would be helpful if we are able to take a look at an example build where this is happening. Would you be able to share a build URL with, so we can take a closer look and help you out with this?



So, I’m accessing the instances directly before they even get schedule for a job. I have root access and am still unable to detect the images (or any traces of them in /var/lib/docker, /var/log, etc.).

This is happening around agent initialization, so not sure if there is a particular build which is relevant.


@jl-applied Interesting… Would you be able to share your stack parameters at all (with any sensitive information removed)? I wonder if you have something set that might be messing with the image cache on the instance :thinking:

I emailed the relevant files. Let me know if I missed anything.

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Fortunately, I am no longer able to reproduce. I suspect the issue was somewhere on my end. Thanks again

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