Expose meta-data set logs in timeline or output


Expose successful and/or failed setting of meta-data to users in UI via either stdout logging or in the timeline tab


Debugging meta-data values in a build is cumbersome, unless the script setting the metadata manually logs what it tried to set. If this were included in the BK timeline output (or similar), it would be much easier to track down:

a) Which step set some metadata
b) When the metadata was set (i.e. timing with other steps)
c) If the metadata key / value are as expected

My understanding is meta-data is not secure and thus not be used for secrets, so there should be no risks in exposing both the key and value in the UI, but if that is a concern even just recording which metadata key was set at a given time would be a useful compromise.

Hey @finn-orsini!

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Just to confirm, would this be useful for you?: https://buildkite.com/{org-slug}/{pipeline-slug}/builds/{build-number}/meta-data

We currently don’t have an easy way to include it somewhere as part of the build UI, but because this is a non-documented URL, that may change in the future (we don’t have any plans atm)


:raised_hands: This is perfect, @paula! Thank you very much. I would love to see this eventually documented / official, but this is excellent for now.

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