Expose soft_fail in the builds REST API

Hey there,

we’d like to be able to query whether a job “soft failed” via the builds [1] REST API. Our use case is that we have our own service triggering buildkite presubmits from our code review and this service reports the presubmit as failed as soon as any step of the build fails. Our presubmits only have concurrent steps with each step testing our product (Bazel) on a different platform. Some platforms are much faster than others. This fail-fast logic breaks down if any of the steps are marked soft-fail.


[1] https://buildkite.com/docs/apis/rest-api/builds#get-a-build

We’d like this information exposed as well - will allows us to reduce noise in our slack/other integrations.

Good call! I’ve just shipped a change to our REST API to include a soft_failed boolean value in job responses. :rocket:

Documentation changes should be live in about 10 minutes from now.

Thanks agin!