Failing parallelized builds immediately when one fails?

Hey all,

We have some builds that run using parallelization, and, obviously, sometimes tests in one of the N parallel executors fails.

Right now, we only get an indication that this has happened when the other parallel jobs finish up, which can in some cases be quite some time after the actual failure occurs. This behavior is unlike non-parallellized jobs, where a single job failure will immediately mark the build as Failed (unless that job has a soft_fail annotation, of course).

Is there any way to have a build be marked as Failed (instead of remaining In Progress) immediately when one parallelized job fails?

Hi Sean,

We’ve got something in the works that may solve this for you (a new ‘failing state’). For your use case, how do you want this sort of failure to be represented? Will you be looking at the failed state in GitHub?