Feature parity for pipeline creation between GraphQL and REST APIs

As it currently stands, if you wish to create a new pipeline programmatically you must make two calls: one to the REST API and another to the GraphQL API. The reason for this is that there is no feature parity between the two.

In previous conversations, it sounded like the intent was to push more towards using the GraphQL API (which I support). In that case, I wanted to enumerate here the request to add support to the PipelineCreateInput and PipelineUpdateInput types the following REST API options:

  branch_configuration: "",
  skip_queued_branch_builds: true,
  skip_queued_branch_builds_filter: "",
  cancel_running_branch_builds: true,
  cancel_running_branch_builds_filter: "",
  provider_settings: {
    trigger_mode: "",
    build_pull_requests: true,
    build_pull_request_forks: true,
    pull_request_branch_filter_enabled: false,
    skip_pull_request_builds_for_existing_commits: true,
    publish_commit_status: true,
    build_tags: false,
    repository: "",
    filter_enabled: true,
    filter_condition: "",

If these these capabilities do exist, I have not been able to find them in the Schema as outlined on https://graphql.buildkite.com/explorer.

Much appreciated, we’ll see what we can do!