How to create an access token for another user?

Hello, I’ve a pretty basic question, but can’t find an answer to it.
If I have created a bot user for my CI, how can I create a token for them?

Hi @RRosa :wave:

To create a token for your Bot User, you’d want to login into that Bot User’s Buildkite account and navigate to this page: You can find this by clicking on the profile image of the user in the top right of our UI and then navigating to API Access Tokens on the left hand side bar under the user details after logging in.

If your Bot User does not yet have it’s own Buildkite Account, you’ll need to create one for it first, invite it to your organization and then follow the above link to create the token. :smile:

From there, you can create API access tokens for both GraphQL and Rest API, or either one based on scoping for that specific Bot User.

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Thank you @jared!

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