How to make plugin always-pull in every build?

When I develop a new Buildkite Plugin, I tend to leave the work in dev branch of the plugin git repository. I find it is very innocent to test changes to the plugin because Buildkite agent won’t pull plugin after the first fetch, this requires me to manually delete the plugin folder on the CI/CD box. Is there any option that make the agent always pull latest change? Something like:

  - label: "testing the plugin"
      - ssh://
          always-pull: true


The functionality for this doesn’t exist in the code.

However, for my plugin development, I usually test the plugin directly as part of the plugin’s own pipeline. And then I just refer to ${BUILDKITE_COMMIT} as the version, allowing me to fully end-to-end test my plugin.

Hi @runlevel5! :wave:

That is correct, we don’t have that functionality. The alternative that @moensch proposed is really a good one!
Another option would be to clean the plugin directory with an environment hook.