How to validate plugin.yaml from buildkite plugin with user inputs in pipeline.yaml using that BK plugin

I have created a plugin.yaml for my buildkite plugin, and it has basically YAML schema defined which is then mapped to the user using our buildkite plugin.
So currently am facing issue where i provide input as string to a boolean parameter in my buildkite plugin and it is still accepting it and running the buildkite job. Shouldn’t buildkite validate the inputs against YAML schema specified in plugin.yml file ?
It’s been few months for me using buildkite so am not sure if this is a idiotic question or doesn’t make sense but i felt it was required to ask in order to clarify :smile:
Appreciate your help!

Hello, @lucky_jin! Welcome to the community! That is a very valid question!

UPDATED ANSWER: Yes, the Buildkite agent does a validation The Buildkite agent doesn’t do validation, but you can use a linter.

To figure out why a string is being accepted as a valid boolean in your particular case, I’ll need more information. Can you please send your plugin.yml file and any additional info that you might find useful to


thanks for the answer!
yes only the linting part can be achieved but validation part is something that i was looking for since its good-to-have otherwise you have to add logic on code-level.
Update: Is this something which is in product pipeline of BK ? this feature would be very helpful for BK plugins as well as pipeline.yaml file where we verify the job structure.

Hello, @lucky_jin!
I’m sorry for the misunderstanding on my part.
The configuration property in your plugin plugin.yml defines the validation rules for the plugin configuration. The plugin.yml with the configuration of the plugin is loaded and checked by the agent. So to troubleshoot the issue that’s happening in your case (string accepted as a valid Boolean), I do need more information. Can you please send your plugin.yml file to

hey @karen.sawrey i have sent the mail to above email address. Thanks for your support :+1: :raised_hands:

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