Identify signal in Error: The command was interrupted by a signal

We are having a job failing with “Error: The command was interrupted by a signal”: is there a way to identify what signal is causing this failure?

The docs state that in this case the exit code should be 128 + signal number, but the timeline states the command exit code is 255 (success).

The job is here:

Hi @simonbyrne!

Sorry, it doesn’t look like the agent reported which signal interrupted the command there. Sometimes it’s not possible to observe the signal, but the agent will do its best.

An exit code of 255 can mean that the agent or some intermediate part of the bootstrap and plugins didn’t receive an exit code and so reported -1 (which wraps around to 255 as an unsigned integer). It shouldn’t be reported as a success, sorry! Where are you seeing that? I can only see: