Is there a way to trigger Gitlab pipelines via Buildkite pipelines?

We are a global company where different teams use different CI tools. We are using Buildkite but another team from another country uses Gitlab.
Understandably, within multiple Buildkite pipelines, we can use trigger: Trigger Step | Buildkite Documentation

For example, we have a build pipeline that triggers our test pipeline sitting in another repo. However, we also like to include a command to run the security scanning features via Gitlab so we want that triggered.

​Hello, @ebanster!
Thank you for your question!

There’s no native option for what you are looking to do, but a workaround you can try is to have a separate step on the pipeline in question with a script that talks to the GitLab API.

This way, you can trigger a pipeline on GitLab’s side. Note that in this case, Buildkite will have no way of knowing if that pipeline failed or succeeded on GitLab’s side.


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