Job step time mismatch

Good day. I think I found a small bug. The time taken to complete job steps does not match the actual time
As you can see in the screenshot, the time taken to complete the steps in the job does not correspond to reality. For example, the step with the caching plugin took 3 and a half minutes, although, it takes three minutes to install the dependencies in Running commands step, and the execution time of this step is displayed as 0s. Also, in the penultimate step, the execution time is not indicated, and the spinner is displayed there. It looks like the penultimate step has not yet been completed, although in fact the work is completed. Also, the last step simply lacks a runtime.

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Hi @olegshilov!

It looks like you’ve run into a bit of a known bug, sorry!

The agent and web UI can sometimes get out of sync about which lines are timing headers, which ends in this situation: implausible times associated with headers and an open spinner on the last header, as you mentioned. We generally see this when one of your header lines is immediately preceded by ANSI escape codes, such that the header prefix is not actually the first characters after the \n. If you open the ‘Raw’ view of that job’s output, you might be able to spot the problem line.
There is a workaround for this; you’ll need to add an extra (blank) echo before the header that’s having issues, that way, that line will absorb the unprintables.

Sorry for the trouble!