Maven-example buildkite project

I am currently working on a maven project, so looking how could I use buildkite for a maven project…

I cam across the below maven project and added to my buildkite , but it did not work for me
GitHub - buildkite/maven-example: This example uses Maven to run tests, build a package, and then uploads the package as a Buildkite artifact using the current stable Buildkite Agent

I see below error.

Not sure if I am missing anything here? Do I need to install maven ? My understanding is that it is using the maven docker image.

Please advice.


Hey @Sathya!

The error from that particular step seems to be on line 50; apparently, you don’t have docker-compose installed. Can you check if that is the case?


Hi Paula,

I got docker-compose installed now. However I get this issue now. Please can you look into this?



:thinking: I don’t have experience with maven, but it seems it needs a proper JAVA_HOME environment variable set (from line 25). Do you have it configured?


Have you modified either the docker-compose file or the Buildkite pipeline file?

Could you send the containers logs created as artifacts? The JAVA_HOME should be set but Maven can run without with other settings, so it’s possible that what you’re getting is actually a Maven error


I did not modify anything just added the below buildkite project

Please see the logs attached as pdf.
logs.pdf (3.2 KB)


@Sathya Seems to be an issue with the latest Maven image introduced around May 30th: Docker Maven JAVA_HOME · Issue #282 · carlossg/docker-maven · GitHub

The two possible fixes mentioned there are:

  • using the previous Maven image ‘maven:3.8.4’
  • or updating Docker to latest version.
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Hi, using maven:3.8.4 failed with error “Source option 5 is no longer supported. Use 7 or later.”

Tried using maven:3.9 which seems to work


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Awesome!, glad it helps