Meta as environment variables

We have some pipelines that depend heavily on build metadata, and have steps that look like:

- command: |
    export SOMEVAR1=$(buildkite-agent meta-data get some-var-1)
    export SOMEVAR2=$(buildkite-agent meta-data get some-var-2)

Given that metadata has close conceptual relationship between environment variables and metadata (they’re both data that come from “the environment,” be that parent processes or other buildkite jobs), it would be valuable to be able to formally initialize environment variables based on meta-data, like so:

- env:
    SOMEVAR1: meta-data:some-var-1
    SOMEVAR2: meta-data:some-var-2
  command: ./script

Hi @kgillette great suggestion! I’ve raised this as a feature request with our Product team and it will be reviewed :slight_smile: