Multiple deployments from the same repo to create multiple endpoints

We have a NodeJS based project that uses Buildkite for its deployment (let’s say it’s serviceA). What we would like to do is deploy the same code to a different endpoint (say serviceB) using a different config.

Is this possible using Buildkite? Can I update deploy_pipeline.yml and do 2 deployments? Is there any other way this can be achieved?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @alkavi15!

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It’s good practice to use separate pipelines for deployments (painless rollbacks). You can read more about it here Deployments with Buildkite | Buildkite Documentation.
Even if you have different pipelines you can use the same yml with different config.

Hope this helps!


Hi @paula, thanks a lot for your response and pointer to the pipelines for deployments in Buildkite.

We are evaluating this option and few others and will finalize one. Thanks again!

Hi @paula, would be great if you could provide some additional clarifications regarding how we can use the same yml with different config.