Open blocked state from buildkite plugin in a consumer pipeline

I have created a Buildkite plugin that runs shared integration tests. This plugin is intended to be used by different micro applications to trigger the shared tests. However, I am facing a challenge where the plugin requires a token to execute the tests. This token needs to be provided by the micro apps. Additionally, I want to render the blocked state in the micro app, but I don’t want to write this step in every micro app’s pipeline. Instead, I would like to include it in my shared test Buildkite plugin.

Could anyone help me find a solution for executing the blocker step as part of my plugin?

Hi @Zakk,

I am afraid it is not possible to create a blocker step inside the plugin. However, I would suggest that you create a dynamic pipeline that includes the steps to run your plugin and a blocker step after. Your micro apps can then pass the token into your script.

You can read more about Dynamic Pipelines here.

Hope this helps.