Pipeline filters for EventBridge notifications

I’d love to be able to filter pipelines in EventBridge notifications (same as we can for Slack). So select “only pipelines in teams…” or simply specific timelines.

There’d be other filters that might be useful, but those are more do-able in EventBridge rules themselves.

Though if I had a wish free, I would love to have a similar filter syntax available on Buildkite as I have on the AWS side. So that for example I can only send Job Scheduled events with specific agent_query_rules.

Good suggestion, @moensch! We deferred adding more complex filtering to EventBridge because those filters can be added on the EventBridge side. But perhaps adding some more filters would be nice. I can’t promise when we’ll get to it, but we’d like to.

Yeah - many things can be filtered at the EventBridge side, but not all of them.

For example, the pipeline teams aren’t part of the event data.

There’s a minor RBAC-y type issue here. In a situation where different teams own different AWS accounts, I wouldn’t want to send events for pipelines for teamA to an AWS account owned and operated by teamB.

Right, RBAC is a good reason to do filtering on our side for sure. :+1:

I wonder if we should also be including the pipeline teams in the events, too. It might be tricky to do well without information disclosure.