Please make it possible to override the base command of the build container

I would like to start the build container with a working systemd inside. This means having /sbin/init as PID 1. Currently there is no good way to do this as the container command is hardcoded here:

It would be nice to be able to override this command to be able to start /sbin/init and then the buildkite-agent with its arguments.

We could ofcourse hack this in to a container image derived from the official one, but would rather not :slight_smile:

Hello, @aressem and welcome to the Buildkite Community!

Thank you for pointing out this use case!
We recommend that for this change you open an issue directly on the Buildkite Agent Stack for Kubernetes repository.


Thank you Karen. Created Make it possible to run init/systemd inside the build container · Issue #283 · buildkite/agent-stack-k8s · GitHub for this.