Provide Interface for Ordering Multiple Groups

Currently groups, and the jobs within them are organized in the build view in the order that they are added. For a monorepo style setup with over 50 groups, this means searching up and down for a particular test.

Alphabetical ordering would be best, but any sort of stabling ordering e.g. assigning affinity to each group explicitly would be a huge improvement!



Hi @brandon thanks for the suggestion :+1:

I suspect you are using dynamic pipelines to upload these steps and groups at different points in the pipeline, is that true?
Our ordering is based on upload time and it ties heavily into the scheduling order of jobs. So it’s not something we can change unfortunately

Yes and no - the dynamic step uploads a single pipeline with multiple steps - they are ordered in the uploaded pipeline, the ask is that that order be respected when adding a single pipeline dynamically. If the display order for the widget was consistent that would be OK as well - something as simple as setting a new field in our uploaded pipeline.yml that tells buildkite which step should be 1st, 2nd, 3rd would be fantastic.

Thanks Brandon for the extra info :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, as Jarryd mentioned, this is not an easy change from our side but we’ll have it into consideration when we revisit the logic of pipeline upload.


I use the buildkite pipeline that @brandon is talking about. What if instead you allow us to set the group order to be alphabetical via pipeline settings, then sort them in javascript at display time?

Interesting idea! but at the moment there isn’t any work planned for groups. We’ll probably check where we are with this functionality next year.

Thanks for the feedback!