Should we rely on go-buildkite

I mean this project GitHub - buildkite/go-buildkite: A Go library for the Buildkite API

My team is starting to author some test orchestration in Go.

As team lead, I’m obligated to ask: Does the Buildkite core team intend to maintain this repo for the long term? Are there features on your roadmap that would risk letting this repo fall behind your API?

TLDR; Absolutely we plan to maintain it for the long term! And we’d love issues and PRs to help us know where to focus efforts.

Hey, @coleman thanks for bringing this up! It’s actually very timely as we are just discussing and planning internally at the moment.

We’d like to keep up maintaining this project for the long term. It’s quite widely used so we don’t want to let existing customers down or stop new ones from adopting it.

However, the approach so far has just been to scratch our own itch or those of people using it. So we haven’t put effort into doing stuff for future use.
But thats where the community comes in! It’s really helpful to raise this and let us know what you’d like to see implemented in the project.

So creating issues with missing features and PRs to solve those issues (if you’re up for it) are very welcome and go a long way to helping us and all the community.

I can say the current plan for the rest of the year was really mostly maintenance. Things like upgrading the Go version, merging any PRs the community can provide and collecting feedback to help us plan work for next year. Is that something your open to?
Hopefully, that gives you confidence that you can rely on this in your stack and to let us know (through GitHub issues and PRs) what new features you’d like it to have

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That’s really all I needed to hear. It’s unclear how we’ll use it just yet, but we do shell out to buildkite-agent for some dynamic pipeline generation, ad hoc pipeline uploads, and artifact downloads.

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No worries :+1:

As you use it and come up against missing pieces, please raise an issue so we can see it and prioritise it.

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