Skipping based on regex of changed paths

It’d be great if builds could be skipped if nothing changed in the repo for a given path.

Say a monorepo team has backend and frontend in the same repo, and had three builds for the same repo - backend, frontend, and integration test of backend and frontend together. It could be that the regex masks like backend/.* (or globbing equiv) would act towards skipping builds where the changes/diffs were wholly outside the paths matching to the regex

Hi @paul_h, we’ve seen people in similar situations have a lot of good things to say about the Monorepo Diff plugin. It lets you trigger only builds for those paths which are changed in a pretty simple, declarative manner!

Thanks for the link. I’m experimenting with it, but also raising issues (for README clarity) - issues/18 & issues/19 & issues/20 (your forum s/w won’t let me link to those).