What is the github action paths-ignore equivalent in buildkite?

A workflow with the following path filter will only run on push events that include at least one file outside the docs directory at the root of the repository.

      - 'docs/**'

Hi @Joe

Thank you for reaching out with your question.

One option is to use https://buildkite.com/docs/pipelines/skipping#ignore-a-commit where you can add [ci skip] or [skip ci] anywhere in the commit message.

Other possible options are using plugins such as https://github.com/chronotc/monorepo-diff-buildkite-plugin or https://github.com/pragmaplatform/sparse-checkout-buildkite-plugin

Please let us know if you have any follow questions.

Hi @suma,

We tried [skip ci] doesn’t work in this case as GitHub blocks the merge saying a valid check is required.

Any work around to this?


Hey @Joe that must be because [skip ci] will cause Buildkite to not run any build and therefore not report back any check to GitHub where you are using a branch protection rule.

In this case, one of the plugins might be your best as they will start a build and run at least one step so that we would report a status check back to GitHub. But depending on if there are files changed, there might not be other steps so its very close to a no-op.