Trigger notification on `git` operation failure

We often miss git failures during clone, checkout, etc. It would be great if a notification could be triggered by those failures.

Hello, @john.soo!
Thank you for your feedback! Currently, the list of possible variables for conditional notifications doesn’t include git failures. You can see the full list of supported conditional variables for notification in our docs.


I think you’re right that a variable for conditions would help (as would step.state). But git operations are “special” in that I am not sure of a way to trigger a notification on git errors without reimplementing the checkout hook myself.

That’s why this is a feature request, not a question.

Hello @john.soo!

I’ve filed this feature request with the team!

Have a great day!

Hi @john.soo ,

I am from the product team at Buildkite. To be frank, we didn’t have plans to do this any time soon. I am adding it to the backlog and will let you know if there is any movement on it.

Have a great day!

Thank you for your honesty! I think I can workaround this with a patch to the agent. Thank you again!

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