Trigger Pipelines on Tag


I’ve been working on getting some buildkite pipelines setup for a few internal projects we have at I’ve been reading the docs quite thoroughly and have stumbled across something I think I need some clarification on.

We have 2 main pipelines right now, a release and build. The build is quite simple we just run that every commit, but the release should happen on merges to MAIN and on Tags. As far as I’ve seen it looks like you can only trigger pipelines and steps off a given branch and a few other fields, but not Tags. Is this correct? If so I would imagine that I’ve either missed something critical in the docs are this is a feature many would like.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hi @alec.holmes! :wave:

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Triggering a release from a tag against main is a pretty common practice, and it’s possible now to build on branches, tags, or both :slight_smile:
You can set it up from your repository settings page where you can find a setting called “Build tags”. You can read more about the functionality here: Build only branches, tags, or both

You can also have more control over on which tag trigger a build using Conditionals on the pipeline with the supported variable build.tag.

Hope this helps!


I did a release and then realized this setting wasn’t turned on.

Is there a way to retrigger the same build now?

[I released a new tag]

Hi @ven!

Hmm :thinking:, I’m not so sure, but you could try to Redeliver the payload (you’ll need admin permissions).