Unblocked step with API Call


I have a pipeline with a block step, but i don’t have manual access to press it, how i can unblocked calling to the API?, according to the Docs, there are two ways, one is doing it by hand, pressing the button, and the other one is an API Calling, but i don’t find anything related to that. Can someone help me in this one?..


Hey Alberto,

Thanks for posting and welcome!

You can totally do that via the API by using the ‘unblock’ endpoint for jobs; it looks like this:

curl -X PUT "https://api.buildkite.com/v2/organizations/{org.slug}/pipelines/{pipeline.slug}/builds/{build.number}/jobs/{job.id}/unblock"  \
  -d '{
    "fields": {
      "name": "Liam Neeson",
      "email": "liam@evilbatmanvillans.com"

we have some more documentation around that here https://buildkite.com/docs/apis/rest-api/jobs#unblock-a-job.

If you need more specific help with that pipeline, you can also send me a message at support@buildkite.com.

Hope this helps.